Nathan Davis
Vice President of Finance

Prior to joining CCHA, Mr. Davis worked for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) as the Policy Advisor to the Deputy Director of Health Care Financing. At DHCS he led the Department’s effort to replace the Medi-Cal reimbursement methodology for hospital acute care inpatient services (both negotiated contract rates and non-contract cost reimbursement) with payment by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG).

Before joining DHCS, Mr. Davis was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the California Medical Assistance Commission (CMAC), as a senior negotiator, in June 2008. At CMAC he negotiated rates paid to hospitals to provide inpatient fee-for-service care to Medi-Cal beneficiaries as well as making recommendations for disbursements from both the Private Hospital Supplemental Fund and Distressed Hospital Fund. Mr. Davis also worked at the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), Cal-Mortgage Loan Insurance Division, as a Senior Loan Specialist. At Cal-Mortgage he analyzed financial statements for credit determination, reviewed health care providers turnaround plans, attended board meetings, and presented credit reviews to Cal-Mortgage’s insurance committee.

Mr. Davis has a BS in Finance with a minor in Economics from California State University, Sacramento. Previously he served on the Board of Directors for the Business Chapter, the largest chapter of the Sacramento State Alumni Association.